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Exploring Russian Language and Culture class (application form)

Question: What are the requirements for students?


  • To be in 8th grade or high school.

  • Minimum 4 years of Russian school experience.

  • Know how to talk and communicate in Russian.

  • Understand what you read.

  • To know basic grammar of Russian language

  • To write an essay about a given topic 

  • Attend "Exploring Russian Language and Culture Class"

Question: Can I take a test and receive credits in public school?

Answer: ​

  • You may try but there is no guarantee that you will get 4 credits and pass the test

  • If you are homeschooled, you are not allowed to take a test in public school

Question: What is the cost?


  • Classes are free 

  • 1 credit - 25$

Question: What do 4 credits give me?


  • 4 кредита оцениваются по %-ой системе, что дает возможность ученикам для улучшения GPA (on a high school transcript). 

  • Running Start/Early College/Dual Enrollment students may use 4 Russian Language credits toward their AA degree.

  • Use bilingualism skills confirmation on a job application.  

Question: Who is my instructor?


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